Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Got-Done List

Everyone has a to-do list. It's on all your electronic devices and it's one of those things that supposedly never gets completed. Like the in-box that's never empty.

Today I did a Got-Done list. Simply put, I put my to-do list in my pocket, got in the car and within an hour of zipping here and there, everything on the list was done.

True, I didn't exactly create peace in the Middle East or solve the world's economic problems, but I did gas up my car, put air in its tires, got it washed, made a bank deposit, returned a magazine to our dentist, returned a book to the library, changed an outside light bulb and paid a bill on line.

After a brief break, I went to lunch with an old colleague from our CBS days. We ate, we chatted, we enjoyed each other's company and departed with best wishes for the holiday season and the New Year.

I was home by mid-afternoon and caught up with my wife's activities. We canceled further activities in favor of afternoon naps. Retiring to our respective couches we slept until dinner time.

An exhausting Got-Done Day.

Wednesday's to-do list is on my desk.

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